Characteristics of a Good Questionnaire  
by Dr. Kenneth B. Hunt

·         Questions worded simply and clearly, not ambiguous or vague, must be objective

·         Attractive in appearance (questions spaced out, and neatly arranged)

·         Write a descriptive title for the questionnaire

·         Write an introduction to the questionnaire

·         Order questions in logical sequence

·         Keep questionnaire uncluttered and easy to complete

·         Delicate questions last (especially demographic questions)

·         Design for easy tabulation

·         Design to achieve objectives

·         Define terms

·         Avoid double negatives (I haven't no money)

·         Avoid double barreled questions (this AND that)

·         Avoid loaded questions ("Have you stopped beating your wife?")

·         Phrase questions for all respondents


Types of Questionnaire

·         Open (This type of question has an unlimited

·         Closed (Can limit the scope of responses)

·         Combination

Types of Questions

·         Multiple choice (When you want respondents to pick the best answer or answers from among all the possible options. Allows the respondent to select only one answer from a list, i.e.

Why don't you use the school's cafeteria services? (Circle one):


It's too expensive.


Serving times conflict with my class schedule.


The location is inconvenient.


The food quality is poor.


Other (please explain): _______________


·         Ranking (Rank Items between 1 and 10)

·         Scales (e.g. Likert-scale: "strongly agree," "agree," “neither agree nor disagree,” "disagree," or "strongly disagree")

·         Open-ended (Essay Type, Single Line Input, etc.)


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